R. Giles Moss became a licensed auctioneer in 1980.  In 1981, he opened the Auction Barn
located at 4150 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Rockwell, North Carolina (7 miles east of Concord).

Auctions are held at least monthly on Wednesday afternoons.  In the fall and winter, our
schedule changes and auctions are usually held twice monthly. 



Our Auction Barn promises fun and great bargains on antiques, new furniture, coins,
collectibles, office equipment, vehicles, silver, guns, jewelry and more.  You never know
what kind of treasure you will find at our auction barn!

Everyone today seems to be focused on eBay.  The problem is that you may have to wait for
days until the item you want is sold- increasing the chances you will forget to bid. You may
even be outbid.  At our Auction Barn, items are sold the day of the auction and you will have
the chance to competitively bid for your favorite items right then.  You also will not incur expensive shipping costs and risk not receiving the item you purchased. 

Come hungry because the Auction Barn offers great food and snacks while you enjoy the
auction and don't worry- the Auction Barn offers a smoke-free environment and is air
conditioned for your comfort!



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