Settling an estate can be a most difficult period of time.  Along with the memories, there are many decisions that need to be made in a short period of time.  We can help you by conducting an estate auction. Estate auctions can turn valuable assets into cash in a short amount
of time. 

We can provide you with a professional estate auction proposal that is designed to attract qualified buyers to your auction who are willing to pay the highest possible value for your
estate items.

We have over 37 years of experience handling estates for our clients.  We offer a free consultation to evaluate your items and create a proposal that will best suit your needs. 
We can determine if an auction on-site is suitable, or if is more feasible to bring your items
to our auction barn.

We can provide you with a detailed formal appraisal at an extra cost.  Contact us toll-free
at (800)230-7299 or local at (704)782-5625.

We offer personal property auctions for clients who are downsizing, liquidating their assets,
relocating or simply in need of cash.  We sell antiques, vehicles, furniture, coins, collectibles,
office equipment, paintings, silver, guns, jewelry and more. 

We provide a free consultation to evaluate your personal property.  Contact us toll-free
at (800)230-7299 or local at (704)782-5625.


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