There are reasons why selling your property at auction may not be for you.  If time is not an issue and you are willing to wait for the right buyer for your property, then you may be in
favor of the traditional real estate listing method.  For example, if your primary residence is
the property to be sold then you may require a certain price or otherwise you wish to not
sell the property at the time. 

In these cases, we offer traditional real estate listings to suit your needs.  Contact
us toll-free at (800)230-7299 or local at (704)782-5625. 

Giles has over 37 years of experience with auction and real estate. As a lifetime resident,
he is familiar with Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  


Residential Property (homes, duplexes, apartments)
Commercial Property (office and retail)
Open Land (lots or large tracts of land)
Industrial Property

We offer a free consultation to evaluate your property and help determine the best
method of sale. 
Contact us toll-free at (800)230-7299 or local at (704)782-5625.


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