There are many reasons a seller should consider using an auction.  One of the most important reasons is that the seller sets the terms and is in control of the sale.  The
auction is set for a certain date and time, the property is sold as-is, and the closing date
is set within 30 days after the auction.

Property sold at real estate auction is subject to the seller's confirmation- which
means that the seller is allowed to approve of the final bid before the property is sold.

We offer sealed bid auctions or open outcry auctions.  A sealed bid auction allows
each buyer to make a single secret bid.  Once all bids are obtained, the highest bid
wins (subject to the seller's confirmation).  An open outcry auction allows buyers to
place bids out loud with the highest bid declared the winner (also subject to seller's

With a real estate auction, there are no contingencies as with a traditional real
estate listing.  Closing costs are also minimal and include only those costs which
are required by law (such as the deed preparation, revenue stamps and the seller's
portion of taxes).

For a comparison between a real estate auction and a traditional real estate listing,
please click here.

Giles has over 37 years of experience with all types of auctions and real estate.
As a lifetime resident of Cabarrus County,  Giles is familiar with Charlotte and the
surrounding areas.  


Residential Property (homes, duplexes, apartments)
Commercial Property (office and retail)
Open Land (lots or large tracts of land)
Industrial Property

We offer a free consultation to evaluate your property and help determine the best
method of sale.  Contact us toll-free at (800)230-7299 or local at (704)782-5625.


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